What I’m doing now

It might look like a lot but most of the things listed below I am doing together with talented and dedicated people I've met along the way. Without them I could never do this. If anything peaks your interest don’t hesitate to contact me.


My business partner and great friend Kishan and I run a software product studio, called Eli5. We design, develop, ship, and grow software products for both client projects and internal ventures. Clients range from promising startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Kishan and I have been setting up multiple things around Eli5 and decided to create an active holding company to give our businesses proper structure. 3forty is the name and next to holding all of our businesses, it offers workspace to like minded people, and a founder program for youngsters who are not made for conventional education and want to build new things.


Papyr is a social reading app that enables users to find their next read easily. The app lets users share reads, follow other users and topics, and gives personalised recommendations on what to read next. Under the lead of Jorrit Keijzer, Papyr is the first product that spun out from Eli5 and I feel very confident about it.


Noco is a no-code studio that builds websites for fast moving internet companies. We solely use tools such as Webflow to significantly reduce lead time and enable the Noco team to put heavy focus on design. The company is led by Jelle Bot (also head of design at Eli5) and myself. We are hiring more designers and Webflow developers, if you're interested check out our job openings.


I’ve started a bedding company called Selé. You might think ‘Why the F would you do that?’. And yes, I shave asked myself that question. But let me give you a quick intro. My dad runs a business that crafts custom handmade furniture for yachts and he makes the most comfortable mattresses me (and all of my friends) have ever slept on. Every friend that has stayed over at my place asked about it, and almost all of them bought that mattress. So there you go, basically I had a validated business idea that was ready to go. I hooked on Aad Bos from Mokko Amsterdam, one of Amsterdam’s most promising furniture designers, to design the mattress and a high-end minimalist bed that supports the mattress. Beginning of this year my friend Coen joined the business as its CEO and has been growing it ever since. Selé currently broke 10k revenue per month and gets more and more attention. The goal is to get that it to 1MM revenue in 2023.


Together with Peecho, a company that runs a global decentralised printing network, we’re building a photo book generator as a joint venture. The application is enabling social platforms with lots of photo content to easily generate photo books for their users, which thereafter are printed through Peecho’s service. The application is being built at Eli5 and has recently launched and getting its first paying customers. OneClickLayout's own website is on its way, in the meantime you can find more information on Peecho's website.

The Validation Company

Over the years at Eli5 we always pushed hard on validating products prior to building and luckily almost all of our clients were happy to do this. We set up The Validation Company in order to help more companies with this incredibly valuable service.

A central Sales Development unit

I like to call Eli5, Noco, and The Validation Company our group of builder studios. One of the things that I believe we can orchestrate from a central unit is Sales Development. In the next six months I want to build a sales development system that provides the studios with predictable revenue and growth by delivering validated leads to each builder studio.

Moving to Portugal

For years I've been contemplating on spending winters in the Algarve in the south of Portugal. This year I've taken the step to actually make it happen. Together with my girlfriend Megan I'll be heading to Portugal in January to start looking for a home there. I found Rebase.co (coming from fellow builder Pieter Levels) and this has been a great help in setting a lot of things up there!