What I’m doing now

It might look like a lot but most of the things listed below I am doing together with talented and dedicated people I've met along the way. Without them I could never do this. If anything peaks your interest don’t hesitate to contact me.


My partner Kishan and I run a software product studio, called Eli5. We design, develop, ship, and grow software products for both client projects and internal ventures. Clients range from promising startups to Fortune 500 companies. Recently we've decided to go fully remote for the time being. Since then our employees have been taking the opportunity to work from anywhere in Europe and we have been more productive than ever. However, we are looking for a nice building in Amsterdam to call our headquarters again. The primary function of it would be for gatherings and meetups. It won't have fixed desks anymore but instead we go for a bunch of flex spots for everyone who wants to work at the office.


Juno is a social reading app that enables users to find their next read easily. The app lets users share reads, follow other users and topics, and gives personalised recommendations on what to read next. Under the lead of Jorrit Keijzer, Juno is the first spin out product from Eli5’s own ventures and I feel very confident about it. I help Jorrit whenever I can on the company’s strategy and design. Jorrit is looking to hire his first developer, so if you’re interested please hit me up.


At Eli5 we decided to stop building websites a little over three years ago. This is due to the fact that Wordpress is one ugly thing to work with and our custom development approach being more suitable for complex products and therefor being too expensive for general websites. With the rise of no-code solutions such as Webflow, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and start making websites again. We started a new design company named Noco. The company is led by Jelle Bot, also head of design at Eli5, and myself. We just started out this year and with our capacity already filling up we are looking for full stack designers to join our team.


I’ve started a bedding company called Selé. You might think ‘Why the fuck would you do that?’. An yes, I sometimes ask myself that question. But let me give you a quick intro. My dad runs a business that crafts custom handmade furniture for yachts and he makes the most comfortable mattresses I ever slept on. Every friend that has stayed over at my place asked about it, and some of them bought a mattress at my dad’s company. So there you go, a validated business idea ready to go. I hooked on Aad Bos from Mokko Amsterdam, one of Amsterdam’s most promising furniture designers, to design the mattress and a high-end minimalist bed that supports the mattress. Via Aad I met Sacha Verbeek and Sander van den Hurk from Trashure Studio, two incredibly creative humans with a great eye for design. Together they’re responsible for creating the brand identity. Currently we’re setting up the online marketing for the company and are looking to hire people for this. If you’re interested, hit me up :)

Deep dive into Decred

The world of crypto is 99,9% bullshit and scams. However, there lies signal for those who pay attention. Decred, next to Monero and Bitcoin, is making it to my cut. While Monero is a great hedge on Bitcoin’s lack of privacy and fungibility, Decred is my hedge to Bitcoin’s lack of a proper consensus mechanism. It might take a bit more time for this one to unfold, but some of its unique features may put Decred in the spotlight earlier. I’m writing a deep dive on the protocol just like I did for Monero.


Together with Peecho, a company that runs a global decentralised printing network, we’re building a photo book generator as a joint venture. The application is enabling social platforms with lots of photo content to easily generate photo books for their users, which thereafter are printed through Peecho’s service. The application is being built at Eli5 under the lead of Ottavia Vignani and has recently launched with three launching customers. The website for the application is on its way but in the meantime you can check Eli5’s project page for more information.

Product Studio OS

Over the years at Eli5 we’ve been through a lot, from major fuckups to ahá moments. We’ve developed a way to build high-end viable software products at a fast pace, from idea to design, and from development to growth. It works for us as a small sized company and we’re sure it can help others as well. Under the lead of Lauren Macpherson we’re creating Product Studio OS, an operating system for product studios.